Participants of the Viajablog story contest


Participants of the Viajablog story contest.

Voting will not begin until May 31 when we have all the participant stories duly published.

While we wait for the vote, we offer you the stories that participate in the contest and have already been published on Viajablog.

When the voting time starts, you can vote up to a maximum of three candidates who will add the following score: 5, 3, 1.

Only one vote per person will be accepted. To do so, send an email to info (@) with your selection indicating the name of the three stories and your order of preference.

You have until May 31 to present your story. Read the bases and cheer!


Three months skiing in Lake Tahoe by Javi Pérez Navarro

No return ticket for Rosi Miralles

Three-day trip to London by Nebulina

A rice in love with Erick Wolfrang

Trip to Tyrol: enigmatic on the outside, surprising on the inside by Matilde Cruz

Right shoe by Jorge Jiménez

Race of old vehicles in London by Ana Astri-O'Reilly

His only trip through Mª del Carmen Alonso González

Dessert of plums in Mostar by Eduardo Cortés Nigrinis

By motorcycle to the Rodadero beaches by Erwin Castro Barbosa

Visit to Tallinn in 48 hours by Carolina Saiz

Sitting on the threshold of alabaster by Teresa Buzo Salas

Tikal or Chichen Itza by Hector Antonio Roldan

Journey in the light of the one who walks by Teresa Buzo Salas

Learning to be a better person for the man in blue

Journey to Mount Athos by Víctor Andrés

Musical trip to Murcia by Sally Bracher

Unexpected adventure in the Amazon by Andrés Fornells

Sad bandoneon in San Telmo by Alejandra Abad

Travel to Istanbul by Olga Fernández

Rugged trip to Zimbabwe by Andrés Fornells

Ischigualasto: the place where the moon sleeps by Alejandra Abad

Let's face it, let's dream the impossible for Lidia Herbada

Two-day diary in the deepest America by Javier de Corral

Chronicle of my trip to Krakow by Ariel Pukacz

New York movie by Alfonso Ramírez

Riviera Maya: a dream come true by Mª Dolores Vázquez

India, mon amour by Andrés Fornells

A walk through Egypt and the Red Sea by Antonio Francisco Maldonado

Masterdam by Gustavo Javier Guaglianone

Prague: the city of 100 towers by María José Luque

Huanchaco: a place to get lost in peace by Aldo Pancorbo

Finland: a civilized and almost uninhabited country by Jaime Garcia Vázquez

Trip to Imphal: from markets and cemeteries by Idoia Huici

The Grail's Journey by Lorena Boluda

Eppur si muove by Guadalupe Herrero

The Mojave Desert by Jorge Bueno

Conversations in Fuente Vaqueros by Flavia Bocchio

Dreaming of Kuelap by Jesús Sánchez

They are from the sea by Pau Solbes