How to transport a ship by road


Who transports me my ship?

For me there was a big problem when it came to finding a company that takes care of ship transport from where I usually live Vlissingen (Holland) to my holiday home in San José (Almería). This task was very complicated since in Holland I did not know of any reliable ship transport company. I found the company uShip online, the work system is very curious. They are not carriers, nor are they responsible for setting shipping prices, it is the carriers that bid for the transport of my ship and I can forget to be calling for quotes.

How do I transport the ship?

Once you have found a transport company, the first thing you should do is prepare the boat to be loaded. It is very important that the weight is properly distributed for subsequent transfer. Most trailers incorporate a series of rollers that will facilitate the loading and subsequent unloading of our boat.

We must also take into account how to drag our ship, for this we will facilitate the task a winch, the one I use is two speeds. When talking about the cable there are different variations, we have Kevlar steel cables, which is a synthetic material which holds the pulls very well but sometimes it can wear out due to chafing. Some friends of mine prefer to use synthetic webbing.

In any case, it is essential that as much as the winch as if we use straps they must have a brake to avoid unnecessary scares. For the attachment of the boat to the trailer, I do use straps and some tensioners strategically fastened as anchor points.

Loading time

Well, the time has come to get the boat on the trailer so with the greatest care in the world I perform this task, I think there are some basic steps to follow:

  • 1. Correctly place all supports, for proper distribution.
  • 2. Verify that the ship is centered.
  • 3. Try to put the greatest weight on the axes.
  • 4. Do not overload the boat, you have to go inside the strictly necessary and well anchored.
  • 5. If there is any element that stands out I indicate it with a red flag of 40 cm x 40, in case it is night it should carry a red light.
  • 6. Check, check and check.

Launch Time

For me it is the most delicate operation, so that neither the trailer nor the ship is damaged.

In the marina where my boat sleeps, they do not have a crane, I have also used a crane and it has nothing to do since the cranes make the task a lot easier, and it is the personnel of the port where they perform this task.

To be able to unload the boat to the water I follow these steps:

  • 1. Check the degree of inclination of the ramp.
  • 2. Quito the trailer safety straps.
  • 3. The moorings are available from stern to bow.
  • 4. Delicate phase for me: lowering the trailer into the water, reaching a point where the wheels almost touch the water prevents them from entering the buckets.
Article author: Adrian Serrano.