What to do in León: immerse yourself in Virtual Reality (with video)


If you like to travel, you make a trip to León and enjoy its spectacular cathedral, its famous tapas in the Humid Neighborhood, the history of its Collegiate Church of San Isidoro or the work of Gaudí in the Palacio de los Botines, now you can also travel by Everyone without leaving the city. If among all those visits you have a few free minutes on the agenda and want to discover Virtual Reality, you have to go through LaserLOL.

VR or Virtual Reality is a multimedia technological system that makes the user feel within a scenario generated by a computer.

So that you and I understand each other, you wear special glasses that turn your entire field of vision into the 3D image that two projectors put in front of your eyes. And to play or travel, depending on the program or game selected, in one of the most fun and incredible experiences I've ever enjoyed.

HTC Vive VR (Virtual Reality) glasses Photo: Maurizio Pesze

Complemented by a very high power computer system and a high speed Internet connection, the equipment used by the player is very simple. There are two controls, with which movements and actions are controlled within the game, and HTC Vive Virtual Reality glasses (developed by HTC and Valve Corporation).

These glasses are not wireless to ensure a smooth and fast data transmission between the computer and the player. Instant communication is essential so that when the player moves, the computer updates its position and vice versa, so that the player instantly receives any change on the stage.

This immersion is achieved with a field of view of 110 ° and a refresh rate of the image of 90 Hz on each of the two screens, one for each eye, 1080 x1200. The support is a set of gyroscopes and proximity, infrared and GPS sensors so that these changes in the stage and movements are updated without noticeable pause.

TheBlu frame

Technology (expensive, by the way) apart, what matters to you and me is how it feels to try virtual reality, right?

There are only 6 sites in Spain where you can try the VR, 3 of them are Madrid and the rest 1 in León, Laser LOL in the central Lope de Vega street

Among all the games and applications available in Laser LOL (such as Space Pirate Trainer, The Lab, Fancy Skiing VR, Fruit Ninja, or Job Simulator, to name just a few), I squeezed my game minutes by testing three, Google Earth, Ultimate Booster and The Blu.

The one that made me most nervous was Ultimate Booster, because it is based on the fact that you are hanging in the air, from a fairground attraction, a kind of swing 200 meters above the city.

And when I say "nervous" I mean that the feeling of being in full swing is so real that it is necessary for someone to get behind you to stop you in case you fall.

Your body does not move but your eyes tell your mind that you are making almost complete turns in the air ... and your mind believes it. And you can even get dizzy. If you don't believe me, don't miss the fake shots of the video of my experience (you'll find it below in the text).

theBlu is quite the opposite and I almost consider it necessary after the vertigo of Unbreakable. theBlu is a relaxing experience where we will find ourselves at the bow of a sunken ship, some remains from which we can contemplate the sea that surrounds us and its creatures.

While light from the surface leaks over us, the fish around us are curious and an impressive mass will approach us, although the nature of that surprise I do not want to reveal.

What I dare to reveal is this VR (Virtual Reality) video where the images do not do justice to the sensations, and that was recorded with mobile in Laser LOL. Towards the end of the video, and especially in fake shots, you will understand why VR is best enjoyed with friends.

I left for the end a classic, Google Earth VR. The Virtual Reality version of Google Earth is as spectacular today as its computer version was for the public when it was introduced in 2005.

A series of preselected destinations (such as Rio de Janeiro or New York for example) appear on the screen, although one can move freely around the world.

With all that power in your hands, with the ability to travel with Virtual Reality anywhere in the world ... where did I go? I went back to Machu Picchu, I toured the streets of Paris again, I discovered the magic of Istanbul for the first time ?

I did one of the things that everyone does and one thing that everyone should do.

I went to my house. I climbed hundreds of kilometers in the air to better locate myself on the globe, I located the north of Spain, I found Asturias, I pointed the command and descended towards my house, which I surrounded and saw from all possible angles (and no, I didn't He had left no window open to enter it.)

And after seeing the house where I spent my first years, I decided that I wanted to feel like a child again but in another way, living one of the fantasies that we still have even if we are a forties.

I flew through New York. I felt Superman for a few minutes, departing from the Statue of Liberty to the island of Manhattan. I went up and down, flew between the skyscrapers - and I went through some sorry! - I arrived at Central Park, passed it, turned around and did it again.

When I finally took off my helmets, I don't know how much time had passed but suddenly the reality seemed less real to me than Virtual Reality.

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HTC Vive glasses photo: Maurizio Pesze