Tips to save money on your trips


Thanks to Groupon yesterday I went for tapas in Dublin and paid less than half of the original price

A few days ago I discovered Groupon as a way to save money on my purchases related to the world of travel, gastronomy and tourism in general. I found the concept phenomenal and, since I personally like to follow everything that has to do with electronic commerce and its relationship with the tourism sector, I have found it interesting to talk to you about it.

Before yesterday I used my first purchase. I dumped some delicious tapas in the center of Dublin about fantastic prices. With the one that is falling and how expensive this city is, I feel as if I have just hit the triumphant of the century.

Below I explain how easy it is and the money you can save by traveling if you use Groupon's offers. You can not lose this.

Groupon offers a lot of bargains related to tourism and gastronomy

The first thing you have to do is open an account. Is totally free, you just have to enter your email and create a password. From here it is about being attentive to the offers that appear.

You can control the offers entering the Groupon website when you feel like it or are curious. Another way to be at the parrot is through your email. If you give them your authorization, they will send you regular offers related to the topic that interests you most.

I have been receiving them during the last weeks and the other day I came across this one in which El Toro Bravo, a Spanish tapas restaurant that is very close to the center of Dublin, offered 4 tapas and two glasses of wine for 18 euros. The actual price according to the menu would have been 38 euros, so I saved 20 euros.

You already know that prices in Dublin are more expensive than in Spain, so let me have a portion of anchovies, meatballs, bravas and paella, all accompanied by a couple of glasses of red wine and only 18 euros, I thought a real luxury.

Given that a main course in any restaurant that is half good costs you that same thing, yesterday I realized the money i can savehereinafter. Because I already warn you that I will repeat.

One of anchovies and one of paella, please.

Logistic issues have also seemed attractive and noteworthy. Checking my email a couple of weeks ago this offer caught my attention and I decided to go for it.

The subject is very simple, when you see something you like, you click on the buy button and then you will see the page with the payment options. You can pay by credit card, PayPal or using gift codes if you have them. Once you have paid you will receive a confirmation email with your coupon ready to be used.

From what I've seen,the time frame to use the coupon is quite wide. For this one for example I think he had until mid-October to use it. This means that if you see an interesting offer, even if you can't or want to use it immediately you can buy it and plan its use a little later.

Reviewing the different offers I have seen authentic bargains related to tourism and travel. Weekend getaways at half price or hotel stays are usually the most frequent offers.

Actually, the concept, as I told you at the beginning, I found very interesting, useful and I really think it is a good way to save money. Through this formula it seems to me that everyone involved in the purchase process wins: the one that offers the discount attracts customers and the one who buys the offer saves money.

Anyway, I've stayed totally delighted from my first experience with Groupon. I am convinced that it will not be the last.