EasyBus, the cheapest way to get from Stansted Airport to London


easyBus in central London (Photo: Arriva310)

Few cities in the world can boast of having more than one airport at your service, not far from its main monuments. London strut with the arrogance of having not one but five airports, between Stansted, Luton, Gatwick, Heathrow and London City in its vicinity and unlike in other places (such as León and Castellón) all have an important flow of passengers.

One of the most popular to fly from Spain is Stansted Airport, the destination of those who take flights from Asturias to London with EasyJet. To travel from Stansted Airport to London by public transport there are several bus and even train services. On my last visit to the capital of the United Kingdom, the cheapest option to go from Stansted near Liverpool Street, where my hotel was in London, was easyBus.

easyBus is a bus passenger transport company from several airports from the United Kingdom (Heathrow, Stansted, Luton, Gatwick), France (Paris Charles de Gaulle) and Switzerland (Geneva) to nearby cities, such as London, Paris, and Chamonix.

With great commercial vision, it was created ex profeso by the Easy Jet low cost airline thinking that if their passengers were looking for a cheap flight, they - and those of any airline - were also looking to get to their destination city for the lowest possible price.

Landing in Schönefeld with EasyJet

So, and how could it be less in a company created by a low cost airline, the tickets have a variable price which depends on the anticipation with which they are bought, getting to get real bargains of transfers for only 2 pounds.


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When we buy the ticket, we must indicate not only the route (obviously, because there are at least two different, and up to three, from each airport to London), but also the time we want to use this service Of transport.

The recommendation they make is from at least 60 minutes after the scheduled landing of your flight, and being at the airport a minimum of 2 hours in advance. The path vIt lasts about 60 minutes, so you have to take it into account and foresee the possibility of lengthening according to the time of day depending on traffic.


The bus stops at Stansted Airport are across the street as we leave the terminal, but there is no road access at that level. To get to them we have to go down one floor, to the basement, go to the left by an elevated corridor parallel to the train platform and turn right through a tunnel that leads us to the outside. At the end of the article you can see it in Google Maps .

2-pound promotions apart, How much does an easyBus ticket cost? In my case, and buying the tickets eight days in advance, which is almost having left it for the last moment (without the almost), I got a ticket from Stansted Airport to London (Old Street) for only £ 6.95 and the return for £ 3.95.

Add him the credit card payment fee and he will have that with 11 pounds I had gone cheaper than the 14 pounds that Terravision would have cost me.

In addition, easyBus offers the option - if there are free places - of use subsequent transport up to 60 minutes later of the time we hired him. As the frequency of the service is every 15 minutes, that can give us a break in case there is a delay in the flight.

What is the catch? easyBus, I say it again, born from the philosophy of EasyJet, the most important low cost airline in the United Kingdom. With this in mind, keep in mind that they do not use large buses but the usual vans adapted for passenger transport, with limited comfort. It's not Spartan but don't expect reclining seats either.

While checked baggage weight and the dimensions of cabin luggage are one of the concerns of any passenger in a low cost airline, with easyBus this concern moves to size. The luggage storage area is in a metal cage, inside the van. In the event that a dozen seats are filled, more than one will have to put his suitcase or backpack at his feet.

Leaving aside these nuances, if you buy the ticket in advance and there is no special promotion with other companies or means of transport, easyBus is the cheapest way to go from the airport to London.

Practical data

EasyBus website with information, in Spanish, on transport using its services from Stansted Airport to London (or vice versa).

If you want to know all the transport options, from cycling to boarding a train, as they have them, this is the website of the Stansted Airport.

This is a Stansted airport map, on the right you can see the bus stops.