Starting 2013 in Waterford, Ireland


Beach, surf and sunny day in Ireland to start the new year

I love Irish beaches

I arrived at Waterford on December 31, 2012. I spent the old night drinking Guinness and singing Irish songs and woke up the next day wanting to start the new year with a little physical activity.

I found out that near the city of Waterford is a small town called Tramore. A place known for its long beach and wonderful waves, paradise for avid surfers. So there I went.

It made me want to get in the water, but without a wetsuit it seemed too risky.

Tramore Beach is always full of surfers

January 1 and nothing slowed these intrepid adventurers to plunge into the icy waters of the Irish Sea.

Despite the temptation, I was able to maintain common sense and respect my Latin blood poorly prepared for the waters of the North.

So I spent most of the day walking along the beach and taking pictures.

Tramore Beach is a clean beach

Tramore Beach is a clean beach. A multitude of volunteers take care of it every day.

It's something that I still love, even though it doesn't surprise me at all. The Irish are very supportive people those who have little trouble rolling up to contribute to a good cause.

Jogging on Tramore Beach

How could it be less I did a little jogging on the beach. Some exercise to start the year is always appreciated.

Since I gave up the suicide that would have meant, for a kid accustomed to Mediterranean waters, sticking a dip on an Irish beach in the month of January, I decided that running a little along that beautiful beach was a good memory that could take me back to Dublin.

The reflections on the Irish beaches are spectacular

The light games caused by the tide on Irish beaches are worthy of being photographed endlessly. The reflection that produces the water combined with the scarce but always grateful Sun leave scenarios that are a pleasure for the eyes.

Tramore Beach is long and wide. A charming place where it is worth spending a pleasant and relaxed day. Ideal for recharging batteries.

If you want to learn to surf, Tramore, in Waterford County, is a highly recommended option.

If you are passionate about surfing, Tramore is an interesting place To improve your skills.

There are numerous surf schools where you can rent equipment and hire surfers descendants of the Vikings to teach you their techniques.

The little town also has its interest

Confusing to circulate like most Irish villages, Tramore also has its particular charm.

Steep streets, colorful buildings and a pub around every corner. Once the sun has set, it is worth getting lost in the streets of this nice town and dropping by one of its many pubs in search of a well-deserved Guinness.

A good restaurant to end a good day

To end the day what better than a good restaurant with delicious home cooking. The Market Street Restaurant is a good option. Fresh fish and a sensational risotto.

If you go early you can enjoy a very good meal at quite reasonable prices.

Happy 2013

Tramore, Waterford, Ireland. I thought it was a good way to start this promising year 2013.

I wish you all the best!