European Individual Tourism Promotion Program


The certificate of this edition of the program (Didn't they say it was the first? But that's a bit confusing because later they talk about the PEFTI “… organizes editions from time to time… ”) are Eurorest hotel checks, which can be used only once and in a single establishment (You can join several checks to spend several nights but you can't split a check there is no right to request a refund for nights not enjoyed).

Although they say that the Hotel Catalog (that) It includes the complete list of establishments that are obliged to serve the owners of Eurorest hotel checks, can be found on the website, necessary access the inside of the page, using the assignment code and with that, indirectly, validating your email address.

In that Catalog of Hotels they appear Acceptance periods for Eurorest hotel checks (that is, the offer is not valid any day of the year), daily number and type of meals served by the establishment to their owners and the amount of mandatory feeding fees at the establishment for the owners of Eurorest hotel checks (Mandatory food rates? Are they forcing me to eat at the hotel?).

For establishments that offer discounted stays and meals are daily rates, which are the rates for an adult person with discount included, which covers accommodation, meals declared by the establishment and the basic service of the hotel (But then in this case they are charging me for accommodation and food?). The establishments guarantee the owners of the Eurorest hotel check at least 2 meals per day during the entire period of stay (So ​​what they give me is accommodation with “half board” and it is I who have to pay it?).

Suddenly I am not sure that it is a gift, nor as interesting as it seemed in the email that Marta sent me. But well, since it is free, what I can do is ask for Eurorest checks and if I have a commitment or I simply organize a trip to Europe, then I could consider it as an option for accommodation. Let's see how it works certificate delivery.

The Certificate for free accommodation will be delivered by mail to the address indicated on the form. The participant will pay a fee which includes the delivery and delivery costs and depends on the chosen form of payment and is € 21.87 to € 27.60 (But this is much more expensive than a courier delivery! And I have to pay between 22 and 28 euros for a gift?). If the Participant waives the Certificate after receiving it or after it has already been sent, he will be obliged to forward it at his own expense to the Program Organizer within a period of fourteen days from the date of receipt of the shipment and the costs of returning the product not They will be returned.

I bet it is cheaper for me to send the envelope to them if I am not interested, let's see the address, which must be from an office of the European Union in Madrid. The company TLG Travel Group Based in 19801 Wilmington, DE, 108 West 13th Street, USA is the Program Organizer. CompoSYS Group Sp. Z o.o. based in Radwanice k. Wrocławia, ul. Wrocławska 13b, Poland is the only representative of TLG Travel Group in the European territory. All correspondence addressed to the European Program for the Promotion of Individual Tourism and the Program Organizer, as well as complaints must be sent to the following address: CompoSYS, ul. Wrocławska 13b, 55-015 Radwanice, Polska.

Poland? Have I read well? But that European Program does not sound that the idea comes from the bureaucrats of Brussels? Is it a United States travel agency the one that has created the idea? “The Organizer of the Program is neither an operator nor a tourist agent under the terms of the law of August 29, 1997 on tourism services (homogeneous text published in the Official State Gazette of 2004, no 223, position 2268)”.

Wow, what a surprise, so “TLG Travel Group” is not a tour operator or agent (curious, because it reads “… TLG is the biggest American promoter of individual tourism, leading international advertising campaigns… At the same time the company definitely stands out on the Internet marketing market reaching millions of recipients on all continents in this way… ”), Nor CompoSYS, a Polish company specialized in marketing, among other things that according to EURID (the European organization that manages the registration of domains .eu) on September 4, 2009 registered the, launched the email campaign already From that date, the queries, questions and doubts about this Individual Tourism Promotion Program begin to appear in different Spanish-speaking forums.

The news section of CompoSYS shows, on September 5, that they are working on a new project for a strategic client, TLG Travel Group and as part of it they prepare a network of local teams in 14 European countries for the development of the base of hotels that make up Eurorest and Travelloyd - the most successful products of TLG. They accept resumes.

SIf you decide to eliminate the intermediary (CompoSYS) and want to benefit from a similar offer, go to the Eurorest website. If you copy one of the texts available on your page and forward it to 7 friends, with a copy to Eurorest, you will receive automatically (it was previously by lottery) a check for fourteen hotel nights… Paying half board, or paying a “reduced” amount, exactly the same system as the other intermediaries. And, of course, you will pay another small amount for expenses of issuance, preparation and shipping, which have temporarily reduced from 47.90 euros to 29.90.

In short, the creator of the product “Eurorest Check” (TLG Travel Group LLC) hires a Polish marketing company (CompoSYS) that sends thousands, if not tens of thousands, of emails giving away Eurorest checks for three hotel nights. After receiving the check, which costs you between 22 and 28 euros, you should call the hotel of your choice among those listed in their catalog, that they confirm that there are places for that promotion (we do not know how many there are in total or in each hotel), within certain dates, make your efforts to move to the hotel, and once in it stay in half board (paying for food or paying a supposedly reduced general rate).

But is there savings? There may be a low season, as long as you have a place in the hotel. I took the trouble to do the accounts with a certain hotel in El Arenal, Mallorca for the weekend of August 20-23, in the middle of the high season. Two people who spend three hotel nights from Friday to Sunday at that three-star establishment would pay between the two 276 euros in half board if you make the reservation through the hotel's own website. However, using the Eurorest system, they pay 29.90 of expenses of issuing / sending the check, 38 euros of food per person and day, 4 euros per person and additional day on Friday and Saturday ... total 273.9 euros. Some great 2 euros of savings.

From my point of view, these types of promotions benefit the intermediary more than the final customer and force you to decide well in advance the destination of your vacation based on the availability of places in the accommodation, and not vice versa. When I travel and go to hotels, in any case I usually only have breakfast in it, because lunch time usually comes when I am touring the city and for dinner I am looking for an establishment typical, picturesque or peculiar.

I don't know how commercial work works with hotels and what are the conditions under which they sign up, but I see that the objective of the program is more than “… support the development of the tourism sector, and especially small and medium-sized housing units… " is do business with the tourist who buys the check.

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