Budget to travel to Jordan


Conversion from local currency to euros
1 Jordanian dinar = 1.04 Euros

Jordan is a relatively cheap destination for anyone who comes from a western country. However, tourism has increased prices in recent years and the country is especially expensive in places like Petra. Neighboring countries such as Syria and Egypt come out much cheaper. With a daily budget of 30-35 euros you can travel quietly at the backpacker level without adding too many luxuries.

We did not find modern-style hostels in Jordan. We moved through low quality hostels and hotels with a maximum of three stars. Prices depend on the season of the year you travel. We did it in December and we had enough room for maneuver. As an example, the cheapest hostel we found was in Ibrid where a triple came out for 4 euros per person. In Petra, we found the city half empty and we took a splendid triple for $ 40 in total with breakfast included. A separate issue is whether hotels - even those in Petra - are prepared for cold days ...

We arrived in Jordan with a rented car from Syria although due to some complications we had at the border we had to leave it there and get in a taxi to take us to Ibrid. We had few days to visit the country and public transport connections in Jordan require time and patience. We rented a car that left us for 25 dinars per day. In addition, gasoline in this area of ​​the world is cheap so renting a car is advisable if you want to do many kilometers in a few days.

Menu in tourist restaurant
The only tourist restaurants we visited were in Wadi Musa -Petra- for lack of other options. Truly, Petra is expensive and the quality is very low compared to the delights that can be eaten in places like Ibrid, Aqaba or by the Dead Sea. If in Petra we pay an average of about 10 dinars to eat in presumably posh places, in Ma'an, for example, we stick a real feast in a local restaurant for 6 dinars per beard. You also have the option of kebabs and other fast food on the street that does not usually exceed 2 dinars.

A Marlboro leaves for 2 dinars.

Beer in Jordan is hard to see although it is not as coveted as in neighboring Syria. You will find it in tourist places like Amman, Aqaba or Wadi Musa. The price, as in most exporting and non-drinking countries, is high: from 3 dinars.

An entrance to Petra for a single day leaves at 21 dinars and 26 for two days.
Any complex around the Dead Sea with after-bath showers charge 5 dinars. We pass from them and bathe with the locals at the foot of the road.
I do not know the entrance to Wadi Rum because the shared taxi that I took to get to the place passed the Tourist Point and during the two days of crossing nobody asked me for the entrance ticket ...
Visit the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized: 7 dinars.
Diving on the beaches of Aqaba is free - free lung, of course - as long as you do not get into a resort where they will charge you about 5 dinars.

I obtained Jordan's visa at the border with Syria and it cost 10 dinars. I paid nothing to leave Jordan and enter Israel.

The visa to Jordan can be obtained directly in the country. Either at the same airport or at any land border.

Updated in January 2010